November 26, 2013

Holiday "JOY" Light Marquis Canvas

I have always decorated the house but have always neglected to make something fun for the mantle.  This year I wanted to make a light sign and have really been into the word "joy" so it sounded like a perfect match.  I am in the process of painting my mantle black and it's not quite ready yet but I just couldn't wait to share my very own DIY marquis canvas.  Here's how I did it!

First, paint the canvas whatever color you want.  I had some leftover red spray paint and decided to go with that because I really LOVE red for the Holidays...or anytime of the year actually :)  If you are going to do the same cursive font like me, mark with chalk in the middle of each side so that you start and end in the center of each side of the canvas.  

Use the chalk again to write your word.  I messed up my "j" several times and the chalk allowed me to wipe it off with a wet rag and try again.  It works great and can be painted over without showing through the final paint job. 

I used plain white paint and mixed some of this in it.  I love the TULIP glitter paint because it adds a little sparkle!

Start painting adding width each time.  I painted about 6 or 7 coats over the word to get my desired color and thickness of the letters. I also continued the lines over the side of the canvas too.

Ok now find something super sharp in your house like an ice pick, metal skewer, or whatever.  Don't use a knife because it will make a slit instead of a hole and the lights won't stay in as well or look as good.   Push it all the way through.   I used two fingers as a guide to space the holes out.  It doesn't have to be perfect but you do want the gaps to be similar between each light.   Don't forget to "dot" your j  :)

After I poked all of the holes, I took the end of one of my paintbrushes and pushed it through each hole to make it a tiny bit wider.  I had tried to push a light through and it wasn't happening.  Just a little bit bigger hole makes the lights go through easily.

Now start putting the lights in.  Test them first to make sure they work.  Make sure you can't see the cord when you push them through.  They should stay put on their own but if you need to do a little hot glue, it might stay better.  It depends on if you are going to want to take the lights out for storage or not.  Mine have stayed in without any glue.

The back is such a mess but the front is SO fun!

About half way through putting mine in, I plugged them in just to check how it looked and when I turned them on I thought "Are you serious!?"  Of course half of them were out for some reason.  After calling my dad in the night (oops didn't realize it was 11:00) and trying to fix them, I gave up for the night and bought some more the next day.

The finished product.  I can't wait until Thursday because we are decorating for Christmas and I can put this up!  I will share more pics once it's on my mantle with my other Christmas decorations.  
Here are some pics of the sign on my Christmas mantle:

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Do you like to have a "DIY" Christmas or just buy everything?  
What is your favorite Christmas word or phrase?  
Have a joyful day!

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