September 5, 2011

Simple Homemade Homecoming Mum and Garter Tutorial

I made a mum and garter for two friends this year for homecoming and wanted to share how I did it.  They were both very easy and I thought they came out very cute.  Both children are pretty young so I wanted them to be age appropriate.  I wanted them to be light and smaller than the average mum so that they really could wear it all day at school and to the football game. 

For a mum or garter the supplies are up to you.  I used lots of orange, black, and silver because this is Dumas' colors.  You will need a mum flower, lots of ribbon, hot glue, and then stamps, stencils, bells, stickers, and other things to add to your mum.  There are lots of options!

First I cut two small circles from card stock.  They need to be about 4 inches in diameter but the size is up to you.  This is for a small girl but if you are doing one for a high school student you would make it larger.

First, cut one color of ribbon and fold it like I have shown.  Glue these pieces in a circular pattern all the way around.  Make sure the loop part sticks out from the card stock.  This will form the background for your mum flower.  You need to leave some room at the bottom for the ribbons to be glued later.

I added a second layer of ribbon in a constrasting color to add more interest.   You can do two or three layers of ribbon during this step.  Again, the options are up to you!

Next, you need to lay out all of your different ribbons to see what you want them to look like.  Once you decide how you want them positioned, go ahead and hot glue them to the center of the card stock circle.  Remember that if you are making this for a small girl or boy you need to keep it simple.  If you are making it for a high school age student, you can add way more ribbons to make it fuller and longer.  The length of the ribbon is up to you but none of mine were more than ten inches long.

I used a wooden disk for the center of the mum flower.  The little girl I was making it for loves peace signs so I stamped a black peace sign in the center and then sealed it with decoupage.  Other options for the center are wooden letters for their intitials, a small teddy bear, or anything that child loves. 

For her center ribbon, I wanted to put her name on it.  I used my stencils to put her name on the ribbon with black paint.  At the bottom I stenciled another peace sign.  You could also use stamps during this step.

When you are finished with the name ribbon, glue it to the center of the card stock circle.

Next, take the mum flower apart and lay them out from largest to smallest. 

Glue the mum flower to the card stock one layer at a time.  Start with the biggest piece and work down to the smallest piece of flower in the middle. 

Finally, glue the wooden piece to the middle of the mum flower with hot glue. 

You can add extras like bells to the ribbons.  You can get lots of different accessories for mums at stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 

Glue a looped ribbon to the back of the card stock circle so that you can attach a pin to the girls shirt. 

Take the other card stock circle you cut at the beginning and glue it to the back to cover up the bottom of the looped ribbon.  I also added a small piece of cute scrapbook paper to the back just for fun.

The finished product!

This was the garter that I made.  I made it in the same way but made it more for a boy.

The center of his mum flower was a wooden disk and a sticker that I got from the sports section.  These stickers are for football helmets but they were perfect for this too!

On the garter, I did his name ribbon and I also stamped the teams name "Dumas" and "Demons" on two smaller ribbons.

This is the back of his garter.  I just hot glued the garter piece to the back of the card stock circle.  If you are making a small garter you could also use a hair elastic if your little guy is five or younger.

I did these mums for my cousin's girls for homecoming...they are both very young so they are very small...they looked so cute!!

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