January 28, 2015

Super Bowl Recipes: Finger Foods

Super Bowl Recipes for Finger Foods

I am probably one of about ten people in America not going to a big Super Bowl Party this year (insert sad violin music here) but I thought I would share some of my favorite Super Bowl Finger Food Party Pins with my readers who probably are going to watch the big game and have a crowd to feed!  These are all finger foods and I have everything from dips, to super EASY (tested) main dishes, to a few little desserts or sweets for the kids.  Have fun this weekend!

Super Bowl Recipes for Finger Foods

January 23, 2015

Easy Heart Crafts

easy heart craft ideas for valentines day

It's no secret that I love hearts...it's kinda in my name.  I've done a few hearts projects before (here and here) and can't wait to do more this year.  You just can't frown when you are looking at a heart :)  I dare you to try!  I collected my favorite DIY heart projects and here they are just for YOU!  One of these heart projects even inspired my new heart logo that I'll be sharing soon.

 Vintage Revivals
Vintage Revivals

 A Beautiful Mess
A Beautiful Mess

Dwell Beautiful

A Beautiful Mess

 Cutesy Crafts
Cutesy Crafts

 A Beautiful Mess
A Beautiful Mess

 Tried and True
Tried and True

 My Sister's Suitcase
My Sister's Suitcase

 Sausage Jar
Sausage Jar

 Fall For DIY
Fall for DIY

Please follow my heart board on Pinterest for more fun ideas that make your heart pitter patter :)

December 27, 2014

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog

We all have stress...sadly it's something every person on Earth has in common almost on a daily basis.  There are so many ways that the world deals with their stress including alcohol, pills, and drugs.  There's got to be a better way.

Luckily there are LOTS of different ways to relax in your every day, crazy wonderful life.  Here's my list of ways to cut the stress out and have a little fun too!

1.  Read your bible every day.  Choose a time and make it a priority.  It will reduce stress and remind you of what's important.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog

2.  Go to bed early.  You will feel SO much better the next morning when the kids are knocking on the door.

3.  Clean out your house and simplify what you have.  Less stuff means less stuff to clean.
4.  Say no sometimes...the event will go on without you.

5.  Say yes too!  I know...I know...I'm contradicting #4 but don't be a recluse locked up in your house all day.  Do something to make your life better!
6.  Pray every single day.  Sometimes you will need to pray every hour :)  Teach your kids to pray continually too.  Probably the most important lesson you will ever teach them.
7.  Take a few days (or months) and organize the house so everything has it's place.  Then teach your family where those places are so they can take care of their own belongings.
8.  Go somewhere for the weekend.  Even if it's in the neighboring town.  Just get out of your normal routine for a few days and recharge.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog
We went to Colorado Springs for the weekend and had the BEST stress-free weekend...and we were potty training :)

9.  Take a bath...I mean a long bath where your toes and fingers are wrinkled.  Light candles, turn on great music, and just be.  I have a Pandora station just for baths and LOVE it!

10.  Take a nap sometimes.  There's a reason you make your kids do it every day.
11.  Don't use credit cards outside of your budget.  Money problems are the worst!
12.  Play with you kids every day.  Go down the slide, jump on the trampoline, play hide and seek.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog13.  Don't think about the future too much.  Think about each day as it comes and appreciate it.
14.  Don't worry about something that you have NO control over.  Pray about it and as Elsa's says "Let It Go!!!"
15.  Splurge on something every once in a while for yourself.  I only go to a spa about once a year but it's so fun, the positive effects last for months :)
16.  Slow down.  You don't have to break the world record for getting your kids in their car seats every day.
17.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Every night write a few things in it that you are thankful for.  Over time, you will look back and realize how blessed you were, even when you were going through a stressful time.
18.  Make friends with people who share your faith and morals.  If one of your friends is a Negative Nancy, let her go or limit your time with her.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog
My Bunco girls...some of these girls were my BEST friends in my previous town and I think it's because we shared a common faith.  Can you tell I like to be the center of attention?   :)

19.  Go to your favorite store all alone with your favorite drink and just shop around.  My perfect afternoon would be having a HUGE Dr. Pepper and hitting all of my favorite craft stores all by my lonesome.  (I guess unlimited funds would make it even better but oh well)
20.  Doodle.  You don't have to be an artist to do this.  This book will help you get started if you need a little inspiration!

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog

21.  Watch a movie or show that really makes you laugh and smile.  A feel good movie like You've Got Mail, even playing in the background while you do the laundry, can really turn your day around.

22.  Put scriptures all around the house so that you are constantly reminded that God is in control and that he loves you no matter what.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog

23.  Dance around the house with your kids to loud music.  They love it and I promise you will too.  

24.  Forgive people.  Holding a grudge really causes stress that only hurts you.
25.  Smile at everyone you see.  When they smile back, you brought a tiny bit of happiness into their life and might have even made their day.

26.  Remember your kids are not a burden, but a gift from God.  If you can remember that when they are screaming in Walmart, you won't get as stressed.  Kids REALLY know when their mommies are stressed and that stress can rub off on them too.

27.  Don't gossip.  This one is SO hard for me but I can't ever remember feeling less stressed after bashing someone.

28.  Go outside in the sunlight.  Even if it's just to get the mail...just get outside and take a deep breath.  If you have more time, go on a walk and admire the work of God's hands.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog
Walking in the mountains is just an added bonus!

29.  Have extra keys in case of emergency.  You never know when your car keys will be hidden by your toddler and you are late for church. :)  
30.  Light a candle and read (or blog) while your kids take a nap.
31.  Get take out when you are too busy to cook or put something in the crock pot in the morning so you get home to a house full of yummy smells.
32.  Stretch while you watch TV.  
33.  Let go of the "Norman Rockwell" image of what you thought motherhood was going to be like.  Embrace the imperfections that make your life unique.
34.  Make someone else a homemade gift.  I love to go into a friend's home and think, I made that!
35.  Go buy a mat and do some yoga.  I use this book's exercises and although I'm not a pro, I feel great afterwards.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog
I think his form might be better than mine :)
36.  Don't go to social media when you are stressed.  Most people actually feel MORE stressed after a quick Facebook session so stay off for a few days if you need to.
37.  Look at pictures from a day that held great memories for you.  I love looking back at pictures of when I first brought my son home or when me and my husband went camping.  Those great feelings will give you an instant pick-me-up.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog

38.  Go to church every time the doors are open.  I promise the relationships and the encouragement you will receive will make your day, week, and life so much more fulfilled and happy.  Teach VBS, cook dinner for a family who lost a loved one, do it all!  Your kids will also benefit more than you know.

40 Ways to Reduce Stress Today:  The Child at Heart Blog
He's been going to church since he was 2 weeks old and loves Bible class and VBS.

39.  Take some BIG deep breaths.  It's going to be ok :)
40.  Trust God.

How do you keep the stress monster away?  Do you already do any of these tips I have shared?  I would love more ideas because we all could use them!

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December 22, 2014

5 Ways to Declutter Your Home in the New Year

I just recently moved to a new house in a new town and I LOVE it but it's quite a bit smaller than my first house.  I cleaned out before we packed but STILL have too much so I really had to edit my belongings and think about what I needed and what I could let go.  Use these tips in your own home this New Year to get a clean, fresh start in 2015.

Seasonal Decor:  Since you have the Christmas decorations out already this is a good time to think about what you really love and what's worth storing.  I love seasonal decorations but do we really need a pot holder for every single holiday?  Choose your favorite holiday decorations and get rid of the hand-me-downs and things that you have no attachment to.

Towels and Sheets:  I used to have enough towels for an entire army to spend  the night and shower at my house.  I cleaned out and have two sheet sets per bed, and a few towels for each of us in the house.  In the guest bath, I only have a couple of towels because I never have 12 people at my house at once.


Kitchen Gadgets:  I know I disappoint all of the women in my family and my husband's family when I say I don't like cooking.  It's just never been fun to me even though I really want it to be.  I have every gadget, baking dish, and gizmo you could ever need to be a professional chef but no space for it.  Let the 50 piece cake decorating kit go if you have never opened the box since your wedding shower :)

Toiletries:  You know you have this in your house...a closet full of half used bottles of shampoo, 50 hotel lotion samples, and that makeup you bought for your Halloween costume last year.  It's where all of your toiletries go to die but you can't throw them away because you MIGHT need them someday.  Toss them and don't look back!

This was the BEFORE:


I took everything out of it's package, tossed the old stuff I would NEVER use, and set everything up straight so that nothing would spill.  I keep it all under my sink in a plastic tub and will really try to keep it clean this year :)   No promises...


The "Guilt" Decor:  This one is sad but true...we all keep things just because someone we love bought them for us.  Then before you know it, they are all under the bed collecting dust.  Now I am not saying to be ungrateful for gifts.  I am saying that if you do not want something in your home, give it to someone who would like it or exchange it.  Find a great donation center that benefits from gently used items and clothing and support them.  

What do you need to declutter?  Are any of these things true about your home?  What are your decluttering tips for me?